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The Importance of iOS App Installs

The App Store is one of the most popular places where users can find certain apps that fit their needs. They will usually do a search for possible apps and the App Store will automatically place the apps with the most downloads higher in the search result. This is just the way the App Store algorithm is set up. If you would like users to find your app and stand out in the crowded marketplace, you will need more app installs. This is especially important if you are posting an app in the App Store for the first time.

Benefits from Buying iOS App Installs

Buying iOS app installs can help you overcome three barriers:

  1. The App Store algorithm
  2. Obtaining exposure for you app
  3. Users’ Mob Mentality

Whenever you come out with a new app, you are trying to get as much exposure as possible, but it can be difficult if you are just starting out. For this reason, a lot of developers choose to buy iOS app installs which can give their app a boost in popularity within days. This will allow you to obtain targeted user traffic and the popularity of the app will grow. Such an advertising method is crucial for the overall success of your app which is why you should give it full consideration.

Whenever a user finds an app, they will be looking for specific information such as the number of installs and the reviews of other users. If they will see that only a handful of people downloaded the app, they will be hesitant to do so as well. Such a “mob mentality” is very much present in the App Store and has become a marketing rule. Simply having a great product is not enough in today’s marketplace. You have to have the advertising behind it in order to achieve the type of success that you are looking for.

Why you need to Buy iOS App Installs

 When you are ready to make your app available on the App Store, make sure that you have a promotional strategy in mind, which will help you overcome the obstacles mentioned above and buying iOS app installs should definitely be part of the strategy. Such a marketing method really works because:

  • It can help you obtain top spots in the App Store’s rankings
  • Provide your app with the type of exposure you are looking for
  • Give prospective users confidence that you product has been downloaded by other users

This is one of the most common and popular methods of advertising an app to the general public and this is one of the best ways to get your app off to a great start. Find out more about what buying iOS app installs can do for your the success of your product and just how easy it is.

Is it Safe?

Buying iOS app installs is absolutely safe and you will not have to worry about getting banned. First of all, the downloads are real and such services fully comply with the App Store’s Terms of Service. Also, we will not be asking for any credentials for your account, which means your account cannot get hacked.



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