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Why is it so hard to gain followers and what are the advantages of buying 100 Twitter followers?

In the Twitter sphere, you’re nobody without a large following, but it’s hard to grow your account due to the number of people on the site, and the fact that Twitter’s algorithm favors accounts with the biggest audiences. Buying 100 Twitter followers can help you overcome these challenges. As you get more fans, the algorithm will allow more people to see your posts, so you can also target new users and grow organically.

What are the reasons to purchase 100 Twitter friends from SocialsGrow?

SocialsGrow is the best site to buy 100 Twitter followers for several reasons:

  • No bots allowed—you only get real followers
  • Fast delivery of your order
  • Safe, secure, and confidential online payment portal
  • A quick boost for your account any time you want
  • A great option if you find our current account growth is too slow
  • A strong customer service culture to help you with your social media goals

How expensive is it to purchase 100 fans and where should you do it?

Getting 100 cheap fans is easy on The cost may vary, but it’s usually around £2.99, and typically around the cheapest price available. For this price, you get authentic followers, and you can order from anywhere—USA, UK, Pakistan, India, Canada, Nigeria, etc. This is a small investment for big gains.

How to buy cheap and legit 100 followers on Twitter?

Buying 100 real fans is simple and quick. For most people, it takes less than five minutes. Just follow these purchase steps:

  • Go to
  • Choose the number of active, targeted followers you want.
  • You’ll enter the profile link for the account you want thse applied to—no password required.
  • Then you’ll pay by credit card—AmEx,Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or you can use Google or Apple Pay.
  • Next you’ll get an order confirmation and an estimated time for delivery completion.


Will I get in trouble if I pay for fans?

Not with SocialsGrow, because our website uses only legit, authentic accounts. Twitter doesn’t really care if a follower gets paid, but they don’t want their site overrun by bots and fake accounts. So when they delete people who bought a lot of fans, it’s because they were actually buying bots. You won’t have that problem with SocialsGrow since our accounts are high quality, real users. In this way, you can add to your audience without concern about Twitter punishing your account.

Who should think about purchasing 100 friends?

Many people find the option to get more instant, paid fans on Twitter to be a huge help. Buying genuine fans fast is especially great for people trying to grow an audience, such as authors, bloggers, influencers, business owners, coaches of all kinds, actors, musicians, entertainers, etc.

What if some of my followers disappear?

With our no drop policy, you have a 30-day guarantee. If any of your fans disappear in that time, simply contact us at, and we’ll replace them for you.

Is this service available all over the world?

Yes. You can get more fans from anywhere. Some popular countries include USA, the UK, many European countries, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Canada, and many others. Your payment will simply be converted into British pounds at checkout if you use another denomination.

Can anyone tell I paid for followers?

No. Your fans are all real accounts, and typically come in over a day or two instead of all at once. This makes your growth look much more natural. Your payment info is safe and secure, so there’s no way anyone can tell if you purchased some friends. Plus boosting your standing with the site’s algorithm will allow you to continue growing in organic audience members.

What if I didn’t receive all my order?

Because your fans won’t arrive all at once, please wait until the end of the estimated completion period. If you are still missing some followers, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to take care of it for you. Customer service is always our top priority.

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