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What Are Instagram Profile Views?

Instagram account views is a basic metric that measures how many people visit your Instagram page. The number of users who visit your account can be measured in a simple number and can be very influential. The more Insta views that you have on your profile, the more popular IG thinks you are.

Those with business accounts can see how many people visit their profile over seven days, or you can see a weekly number. This metric is different to video views which show how many people have watched a video. Video views are done based on the number of plays since it was published. Video view statistics are available for everyone. In contrast, the number of profile visits can only be seen by the account owner.

There are numerous reasons why you should buy IG profile visits. The main reason is that you can use this information to make your value to sponsors and third-party advertisers more valuable.

You can screenshot your profile view information and send that to third parties when negotiating rates for sponsored content and more. Therefore, you can earn more sponsorship money and make your Instagram campaigns more valuable.

The Advantages of Buying Visits

Buying IG profile views for your account can help you massively. For instance, you can benefit in the following ways.

  1. More viewers make your profile appear more often in the Exploring page areas of Instagram, exposing your brand to new audiences that become interested in your content, stories and reels.
  2. The larger the audience that sees your content, the more organic followers and content engagements you attract. These results will snowball into an effective and cheap marketing campaign.
  3. The account views are part of the algorithm. So, Instagram will advertise you more in emails and other areas of the social app.
  4. You can use the higher traffic levels to promote your brand and demand a higher payment rate from third parties looking to partner with you for influencer campaigns.
  5. There is a positive impact on seeing your campaigns pay off. By helping your profile to gain a little traction you can see organic results that allow you to feel good about using Instagram.

Who Benefits from Purchasing IG Account Views

Many brands already buy Instagram profile views in bulk for their pages. These include:

  • Small businesses – looking to draw attention to their products and services.
  • Influencers – wanting to improve their average value with sponsors and attract more merchants with affiliate marketers.
  • Bloggers/Podcasters/Bloggers – who want to discover new audiences but need to be promoted more by Instagram to reach them.
  • Celebrities – wanting to stay on trend and current with lots of new engagements with their followers.
  • Anyone else who would like to be popular on Insta and gain more social proof.

How Does Paying for Instagram Profile Visits Work?

The process for buying profile views for IG is easy. You simply order a package with a set number of visits, and then within 24 hours after payment you will see the number of visits on your account increase. The more you buy, the more organic results you see, but also the longer it will take for the purchased deliverables to be complete.

Why Should I Buy Insta Account Views from SocialsGrow?

SocialsGrow is one of the best suppliers of profile visits for your brand. Not only do we offer a service at a cost-effective price that allows your brand to grow on Instagram. SocialsGrow do not use any bots, we only use numerous real accounts from genuine users across the world. We are also proud to have the cheapest price on the market.

We also offer guarantees that ensure you will not be negatively affected by the services we offer as we take your Instagram profile to the next stage. And all our services are provided naturally, not in a manner that looks like spam.

How Do You Purchase IG Profile Views?

It is simple to buy instagram profile visits for your account. Here are the steps to get started.

  1. Ensure that you have a business page, so you can see the results.
  2. Set your profile to public, our services cannot work with private accounts.
  3. Select the package on our website. Remember that the more Instagram visits you order, the more organic traffic you see.
  4. Provide the information we need to process your order which is just the account name and the best email to contact you. We do not need to collect your password.
  5. Pay for a pack using the safest options: credit card, debit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay.
  6. Your delivery will start instantly but come gradually not to look suspicious.

Is It Safe to Buy Profile Views?

The active users that will visit your Insta profile are legitimate account users. They will have high-quality profiles and are not bots. Therefore, this is a reliable and safe service to help build a successful Instagram page.

There is no risk to your account and you will not receive a ban from Instagram for using this service. Our service delivers the views over time, ensuring their fast delivery looks organic and natural. Other services might provide all their visits in one go, which would not look good on your statistics.


How Long After Ordering Does it Take to Deliver Profile Views?

Once you’ve paid, you can expect your profile views for sale to be delivered within about 24 hours. They will then appear regularly and naturally until all the visits in the ordered package have been delivered. The first ones come in an instant. The higher the package you have ordered, the longer it will take.

Does an Instagram Account Need to be Public to Receive Visits?

Yes. You should ensure your profile is public; otherwise, our real accounts cannot find your page. Therefore, you will not benefit from our service.

Will Insta Know I’ve Bought Profile Views And Ban Me?

No, Instagram nor anyone else will know that you’ve made any order for account visits. The system is safe, and you will not be affected. Instagram does not ban buying marketing services like this at all.

Is It Legal to Buy Profile Visits?

Yes, it is completely safe and legit to make such a purchase. There is no policy on IG forbidding it. Besides, you are buying real visits with a gradual spread method, so Insta won’t even notice it.

How Many Profile Views Are Good?

Generally speaking, the more visits on your account, the more long-term gain you will get. Therefore, it is best to consider your budget before selecting your budget. Remember that if you’re trying to earn more sponsorship money, the more IG visits you get, the more money you can demand from merchants.

Can I get verified after getting many visits?

No. You can only get verified if you are a well-known brand account or a famous person. There are also many other conditions to fulfill, but profile visits are not one of them.

Will I harm my account by purchasing profile views?

In no way! All the views you receive from our service belong to real people, so it would never harm your account in any way.

Can my followers detect that I bought engagement?

Don’t worry, nobody will ever find out about this purchase. We guarantee you full privacy during all the steps of our cooperation. Besides, it is practically impossible to see someone’s visits.

If There are No More Profile visits, Can I Get a Refund?

We are sure that you will find that our service is bound to meet your expectations. If you have any issues, you can speak to our customer support team to help you. If you’re still unhappy with the results, we can offer you a refund for the package you ordered.

Will these views benefit my account?

They certainly will. All the visits come from real accounts without bots or fakes. So it will influence your engagement in the best way possible.

Can I actually see who visited my page?

Unfortunately, you can’t see the visitors. Instagram itself does not allow such a function. You can only see the number of views as a part of your impressions statistics. However, rest assured that all the visits from our side will be safe and organic. They come from different countries: the US, UK, India, Canada, and so on.

How Long Until Organic Results Start to Show?

There is no guarantee on how long organic results will start to appear on your account. However, the more views you buy, the larger the impact it will have on your page. Therefore, you might start to see more visits on your profile quicker if you buy a larger pack.
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