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What are Instagram Auto Comments and What do you get when you buy it?

Purchasing replies for specific posts is great, but sometimes you want to increase engagement for all your future posts without having to keep ordering more. In this case, the best solution is to buy automatic Instagram comments. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ve carefully researched and selected random replies that work for almost any photo or post. These are things like, “Very cool,” “Awesome,” “Nice photo,” an emoji, etc. You don’t have to write anything or worry about what will be said.
  • All answers come from real accounts, no bots allowed, so you don’t need to worry about getting in trouble with Insta.
  • The increase in engagement stimulates organic replies as well, since people are more inclined to comment on posts that already have replies.
  • The more paid replies you have, the more organic ones you’re likely to get.

What Is the Difference Between Regular Comments and IG Auto Replies?

When you purchase regular replies, you buy a set amount and choose which existing post or posts to apply them to. But when you buy auto Instagram comments, you simply pay for a monthly subscription fee for a certain number of replies, then our system detects when you post new content and sends this number of new responses to them each day. (Live streams and stories are not included.) So by paying a monthly subscription, you can take care of future posts as well as ones that are already up, without having to make another order.

What are the Positives of purchasing Automatic Instagram Comments and How Does it Impact Your Rankings?

Buying automated comments for Instagram is a great idea for several reasons:

  • Getting lots of responses on each new picture makes your account look lively and gives the impression you have a very engaged audience.
  • It’s a lot tougher to get replies than likes on IG content, so Insta’s algorithms give more weight to replies.
  • The more responses you get, the more people will see your content, so you gain organic engagement as well.

For Whom is it Usually Essential to Buy IG Automatic Comments?

Instagram automatic comments are great for anyone who wants to grow their IG account, but in particular, several groups of people find them especially beneficial:

  • Business people, entrepreneurs, and business coaches all need to build a professional brand on Insta. Automatically getting cheap IG comments on each new post helps attract more viewers—and potential customers—and increases follower count.
  • Artists and entertainers also need to build a brand—singers, musicians, bands, dancers, actors, comedians, magicians, etc. Authors and bloggers also benefit from boosting their profile.
  • This is especially important for influencers, as they need to demonstrate for potential clients that their content gets a lot of attention.
  • Anyone with a new account will benefit from getting real-looking responses from our real, active users.
  • Because organic users only comment when they are super engaged, it can be hard to get interaction otherwise.
  • Anyone posting to sell a product or service, either for their own business or a colleague’s, will be happy to know that most people check the replies before buying something new.
  • Viewers also look more closely at posts with replies than without.

Where can you buy IG automatic replies monthly and Why is the best place for it? is the cheapest, best place to secure Instagram auto comments. All our users have real, original accounts. Our no bots policy means your profile is safe and you never have to worry about getting banned by Insta. We have low cost options and offer a fast delivery. This high quality, instant service is far better than our competitors, because we never use fake or bot accounts.

How to buy Auto Comments on Instagram and What do I have to pay attention to when ordering?

It’s actually very easy to get Instagram comments monthly. Just do these simple steps:

  • Set your account to public. It must stay this way for your delivery to be successful.
  • Go to and select Auto Comments, then choose how many you want.
  • Next you’ll enter your profile link.
  • Then we’ll ask you for payment info, either a credit card or Google/Apple Pay. No PayPal required.
  • You’ll also enter an email address so we can send you confirmation. We don’t ask for any other info.
  • After your payment is complete, we’ll email you confirmation and your responses from real users start to show up immediately as you post new content. This will continue for the next month in a slow, gradual delivery as new posts appear.

Is Buying Instagram Auto Post Comments Safe?

Definitely, as long as you use for your real Instagram auto comments. You may have a friend or colleague who bought some responses and got their account banned or suspended, and thought that was why. Most likely, what they failed to realize was that they bought from a website that uses bots. IG hates bots, because they slow down the site and send everyone spam. So they not only boot the bots, but also people who appear to be paying them (by having large numbers of comments from bots, for example). Because only uses real, authentic profiles, this will never happen and your purchase is safe. It’s also very confidential, as we don’t ask for a password or any sensitive info.


Is buying IG auto responses legal?

Yes. Insta does not forbid buying auto responses on Instagram, as long as they are from authentic profiles. All our accounts are real.

How soon can I expect delivery of IG responses I ordered?

Right after you get a confirmation email from us. You should get automated replies on your next post.

Can I control what is said in automatic replies?

No, these are random replies, not specialized ones. We offer a separate service for customized replies. All random replies are chosen to work with most content and spark conversations, so they drive organic interaction.

Can buying auto replies get me banned on Instagram?

No, only buying responses from bots can get you banned. Because we never use bots, you won’t have this issue if you stick with

What do the accounts that will comment on my posts look like?

They look like the real accounts that they are. Like the rest of the audience in Instagram, they’re from all over the world—the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, and other countries. They may speak American English, Arabic, French, or another language. They may be male, female, or another gender, and may have a variety of interests

Will anyone know that I have purchased Instagram Auto replies?

No. Because they’re from real accounts, viewers can’t tell. And since we don’t collect any personal info, even hackers can’t find out you’ve used our service.

Can I get auto responses on other people’s Instagram?

Yes. Because no password is required, you can buy replies on any profile you want. This is good if you want to help out the girls in your sorority, or increase the stats of an account for a client at work. You can even get replies to a celebrity.

Can I purchase Instagram auto comments if my account is set to private?

No, because each commenter needs to be able to find your profile and see your content in order to respond.

Do you have any Guarantee?

Yes, we have a no-drop guarantee, so none of your replies will disappear unless you or the account owner delete them. Your order is also guaranteed to be delivered as described. If for some reason you don’t get all the replies you ordered for a certain post, please contact us at and we’ll get it taken care of or issue you a refund.
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