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What are Instagram Сustom Comments and How does it work?

Why do so many people decide to buy custom Instagram comments? This is an important aspect of promotion, as it helps direct the conversation around your business or brand. Here are several reasons why buying custom comments for Instagram is a huge help:

  • You can choose exactly what each comment says. Generic comments can be useful, but sometimes you really need replies to say something specific. For example, you may want a custom female or male emoji or a specific statement about something in your post.
  • This means you can point out things like a great product feature, the important point you made in a video, the best part of a photo, etc.
  • Each reply is sent from a different, real account so it doesn’t look like one person is making a bunch of comments on your content.
  • Comments can also be sent on one post, so you avoid bad or spammy replies.

What Is the Difference Between Instagram Regular (Random) Comments and Custom Replies?

When you buy Instagram comments custom written for your content, you get to choose what each one says exactly. You can point out the things you want to spark a conversation about in the replies. Regular random comments are generic statements that work for almost any post. These are things like, “Great photo,” or an emoji string. They’re still good for increasing engagement and attracting more viewers, but sometimes you really need your replies to say something specific. In this case, it makes sense to buy custom IG comments.

What is the Importance of Instagram Custom Comments for Your Account?

  • Buying custom comments on Instagram helps improve your account status in several ways:
  • Interaction helps improve your stats on Instagram, while at the same time it encourages a discussion. By choosing to customize your comments, you can steer that conversation in the direction you want.
  • The more replies you have, the more lively your profile looks.
  • If you’re an influencer or aspiring influencer, you want potential clients to see that you have a large, engaged audience who comment a lot.
  • It’s harder to get replies on Insta than hearts, and IG’s algorithm places more value on comments, so this really helps improve your account stats.
  • When you purchase custom comments for Instagram, you encourage more people to reply, attracting organic engagement and an increase in followers.

Who and How can Benefit from Paying for Custom Replies on Instagram?

All kinds of people can benefit from getting Instagram custom comments. Here are some situations where it’s especially helpful:

  • Influencers need to build an audience, and the more replies you have, the faster you can do that.
  • Users spend more time looking at posts with replies than those without.
  • Entertainers, artists, authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and other people who are trying to build a personal brand all need to grow their audience and bring attention to their content. Specialized comments are the best way to do that.
  • Business accounts also frequently need a boost, and you can customize comments to talk about specific brand or product features you want to call attention to.
  • Before buying a product or service, IG users often scan the replies to a business post to learn more. Make sure your comments are saying what you want customers to hear!
  • You can control which comments are sent to your IG profile.
  • This also saves you time and effort trying to figure out what kind of content will inspire a lot of conversation.
  • Your account will instantly have “social proof” that people are interested and engaged with your content.
  • When you reply to the paid comments, your profile gets even greater exposure.
  • Many businesses also find they get better leads and conversion rates with custom answers.
  • If you run an ecommerce shop, a lot of specific answers indicate you are a trusted and reliable seller.

Why is The Right Choice to Purchase Instagram Custom Replies for the Best Price?

First, all replies are from active, legit accounts. There are no bots or fake users allowed here, because these can get you in trouble with Insta. Like the typical audience for IG, our real users are from around the world, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, Iceland, and other countries. They are also of various ages and every gender. These high quality profiles will reply with your own custom messages, just as you’ve specified. You can then reply however you want, and others may add organic comments as well. We also offer low cost options for every budget, and an easy delivery process.

How to buy Custom Replies on Instagram and What do I Have to Pay Attention to When Ordering?

Fortunately, it is very simple and fast to order targeted replies. Just follow these instructions:

  • Make sure your Insta account is set to public.
  • Go to and pick a package (how many you want).
  • Then write your replies in the highlighted field, with each comment on a separate line.
  • We will validate that the number of comments matches the package you purchase.
  • Enter your profile link and choose the post you want to add comments on.
  • Targeted replies will not be spread over multiple posts. They will all be made on the one post you select. However, you can make a separate order if you want to get comments on another post too.
  • Next you will enter payment info, either a credit card or Google or Apple Pay. No PayPal required!
  • Then we’ll ask only for your email address so we can send you confirmation. We don’t require any personal info.
  • As soon as your order goes through, we’ll send an email confirmation and your answers from real-looking, genuine accounts will start showing up on the specified post instantly.


Is buying more replies safe and legal?

Absolutely. Because our cheap, instant replies are all from real users, there is no danger to your account, and you’re not violating IG’s terms and conditions. That’s right—Insta doesn’t care if you pay for people to comment, as long as they are real users.

Can I enter my own comments list?

Yes, you can specify what you want each answer to say. For example, if you want someone to ask about a product feature, you could enter, “Does this skin cream shrink my pores?” Then when the reply appears you can answer by explaining how the skin cream makes pores look smaller, etc.

Can I control what is said in the answers?

Yes, because you write the replies yourself they will say exactly what you want them to. That’s the good thing about this service! You can also buy answers for any account as there is no password required, which is great if you want to increase a client’s account stats.

Can I use emojis and hashtags in custom answers?

Yes, emojis and hashtags are fine. However you can’t use @mentions.

How long does it take to start the delivery?

As soon as your purchase completes, you instantly start getting new replies. These continue in a slow, gradual, natural-looking spread until all are posted.

Can I get banned or put my account at risk for buying answers?

No, because all our profiles are real users. IG only bans or deletes bot/fake accounts, and people who have too many replies from these fakes. Since our answers come from only real profiles, your account is safe.

How do the accounts look that will be commenting on my posts?

Because these are all real accounts, they are real-looking with typical photos, bios, etc. They are from all over the world, from the US to Pakistan to Australia.

Can you leave custom comment in foreign languages?

Yes. You can write them in any language, including American English, British/Australian English, Spanish, French, German, etc.

Will anyone know that I have purchased more replies?

No, your purchase is private and confidential and our website is secure. Commenters are real users so there’s nothing unusual or fake-looking about their profiles.

Can I lose replies?

No, unless you or the account owner delete them.
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