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2-5 hours

£ 1.99

£ 2.59

500 Reel Saves

3-8 hours

£ 2.39

£ 3.99

1000 Reel Saves

12-24 hours

£ 4.49

£ 5.99

2500 Reel Saves

12-24 hours

£ 10.35

£ 14.99

5000 Reel Saves

1-2 days

£ 18.99

£ 22.49

7500 Reel Saves

2-3 days

£ 25.89

£ 29.99

10000 Reel Saves

2-3 days

£ 30.99

£ 35.99

15000 Reel Saves

5-7 days

£ 46.49

£ 57.99

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What are Instagram Reels Saves?

Insta Reels are creative, branded videos displayed on a vertical screen. They can last up to a minute and a half and are an excellent way for brands to build a reputation and image with audiences. If you share videos, you have more opportunities to showcase your brand.

Video reels are discoverable on Insta and work with the algorithm to be searchable and listed at the top of a page. And the best part is that audiences can bookmark them to watch repeatedly or later.

What are the Advantages of IG Reel Save?

One of the top benefits of audiences being able to save Instagram Reels for you is that you can keep audiences engaged with top-performing videos over time. These videos do not disappear after 24 hours, unlike Stories.

And these videos are part of the algorithm. So when a user bookmarks a reel, they’re adding to the value of the video, helping it to raise its prominence on feeds.

Why is it Critical to Buy Insta Saves?

There are numerous reasons why each new IG user buys (or should buy) a service that gets them Reel Saves. The first is to help your video rank on the platform. The more users that bookmark your brand’s reel, the more it will appear in the feed of other relevant users.

Therefore, the exposure of your brand will be greater across the board. Another reason is that it can help your video to get more traction. Unless you’ve already got a massive following, a video will not usually take off without some advertising and paid promotion. Therefore, buying engagement is an excellent way to get that started.

How does Instagram Saves Work?

A Reel Save has a positive effect on your account. The saves are a marker for the IG algorithm to determine your popularity and whether to promote your video to other users. The higher the number of Insta bookmarks on your account, the more exposure your brand will get.

By buying saves for reels video, you can add to the algorithm, improving the popularity of your reels over time. The more users who see your videos, and saving them, the more engagement, followers, and return you will get from your Instagram marketing activities.

Who Benefits from Buying Insta Saves?

Numerous brands and individuals could benefit from saves on Instagram reels, these include:

  • Small Businesses
  • Influencers
  • Bloggers
  • YouTubers
  • Celebrities

And as a result, these people can benefit in these ways:

  • Boost your reach on the social media channel in the safest way.
  • Stay current by continuously showing on-trend.
  • Improve your public rating on the most popular app with a legit purchase.
  • Find new audiences for other channels and content on IG.
  • Showcase products/services to a larger audience for more sales.
  • Improve the performance of key video on your account for cheap.

Why SocialsGrow is the Top Choice for Purchasing Instagram Saves is one of the leading social media marketing companies. We understand how the algorithm works. We only offer engagement from real users with their accounts. These users are based worldwide and have high-quality, natural accounts. We price our services competitively to get you the maximum value from our service.

We make it easy to order and guarantee your account will not be adversely affected by any action we take. Therefore, by choosing over other services, you can be sure of a more valuable and improved result.

How do you Pay for Saves for an Insta Reel?

It is so simple to buy saves for Instagram Reels. Here are the steps that you need to take.

  1. Create your Reel and publish it on IG.
  2. Check if your profile is not private for the time you receive your order.
  3. Visit the SocialsGrow website and choose the best package for your needs (you can start with the cheapest one).
  4. Tell us which video you wish to promote on Instagram.
  5. Use your credit card, debit card, or Apple/Google Pay to complete the safe transaction.
  6. Provide us with your email, and we’ll confirm that we’ve received your order.
  7. After 24 hours, watch how organic video bookmarks will start appearing on your account. The delivery will start in an instant, but the whole package will be sent with a gradual spread method.

What are the Risks of Paying for Saves on Instagram?

There are no risks when it comes to buying reels video saves for any video that you have. The bought saves are from reel people worldwide looking to engage with brands like yours. Their real accounts will not flag any warning and the services provided by the SocialsGrow site are secure and confidential.

There are also lots of services, including those offered by Meta, that allow you to promote your reels to get more Insta bookmarks, the services by just offer more reliability in the results as well as affordable cost.


Is it Illegal to buy reels saves?

Many services offer the chance to get more bookmarks, including those offered by Meta. Since you’re purchasing engagement from real accounts, there is nothing against Meta’s terms and conditions.

Reels Saves vs Post Saves: Are they different?

There are no differences between reel and post saves. These saves have their section on Instagram, making them very easy to re-discover.

Can my Brand be Banned from IG for Buying Saves?

No, because your Instagram videos bookmarks are from real accounts, so you cannot be banned. Our service will have no negative consequences because we offer authentic users.

How Long do Insta Saves Take to be sent?

It can take just 24 hours before you notice real Instagram reels saves appear on your account. To make the process look as natural as possible, it can take weeks when you’ve ordered a high number to deliver them all. Too fast delivery may look suspicious to IG authorities.

Will these Saves drop instantly after I receive them?

We cannot fully guarantee that all bookmarks for sale remain with you forever since they belong to real active accounts (we use no bots at all). But rest assured that part of them remains with you. Besides, we have a 30-days non-drop guarantee.

Can Paying for Instagram Reels Make My Content Viral?

There are many factors when it comes to making your content go viral. However, improving the number of video saves can help your content be viewed by a larger audience that can help your content.

Are These Saves from Authentic Users?

No fake accounts or repeat accounts are used by when you buy Instagram Reels saves in bulk. All accounts are from genuine people who are interested in content from brands like yours.

If I Purchase Video Saves, Will it increase my visibility On Insta?

If your content is good and you buy a good number of bookmarks, then you can have a chance of your content being featured on Instagram. This will be another step in getting your content to go viral. You can also buy packages from different countries, such as the UK, US, India, Canada, and many more.

Will I get my money back if something goes wrong?

We’re positive and excited about helping you to achieve more IG reels saves and sure you’ll be happy with the results. However, if you are not, we do have guarantees that you’re able to get a refund.
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