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What Are Facebook Comments and Why Should You Care About Them?

Facebook comments are the words people write about when you post something on FB. They are a response to a post or video. Hopefully, people like your FB posts and want to comment on them. If you are struggling to get traction, however, there is the option to buy Facebook custom comments.

There are many ways people can comment on FB. Before you get started, learn the different ways people can interact with your posts.

🟢 Positive Facebook Posts

Hopefully, most comms are positive and interact in a nice way. This helps build your brand and shows that what you are doing is reaching a lot of people.

🔴 Negative Posts

However, there are many negative people who like to disparage posts. This is unfortunate but if you are in charge of a FB business page, you do have the ability to hide these comms.

🟡 Tagging Friends

One final category of Facebook comments is when people simply tag their friends. These comments don’t really promote your post but they do encourage other people to see them. Furthermore, the fact that they are targeted means that the person being tagged is more likely to be interested in your post.

Why do Facebook Comments Matter?

FB comments are incredibly important for growing your profile. When somebody comments on a post, that information shows up in their feed. Then, other people will see these comms, which can then inspire them to stop and view the post as well.

Furthermore, the more feedback a Facebook post has, the more interesting it will seem. If a post pops up in your FB feed with hundreds of comments, you are more likely to stop to view it.

Finally, once a Facebook post garners a lot of likes and feedback, the algorithm kicks in and automatically shows it to other people, whether they have followed a page or not. Basically, once people start commenting, following, or liking your FB posts, the more Facebook as an entity will share them with others.

What are the Benefits of Buying Facebook Comments?

Not sure what the benefits are for FB comments? These are just a few of the main advantages.

🟣 Very Little Effort

Growing a business takes a lot of effort. If you can find a way to make the process easier, you can focus your efforts on the more important aspects.

Every good successful business needs a solid social media presence and Facebook is a solid avenue potential customers and clients. However, growing your FB business page can be an overwhelming process.

Instead of spending all your free time attracting more people to your page or hiring an expensive social media manager, you can instead spend a few dollars to buy Facebook comments.

🔵 More Facebook Growth

The key to growing your profile is to attract more views, likes, and comments. Not only does this help your page show up in your followers feeds but it also signals to Facebook that they should promote your account.

After you have more Facebook feedback, you will then naturally attract more organic comments. While you still need to regularly post interesting videos, contests, or updates, the organic engagement means more people will naturally have access to your FB content.

🟠 Proven Way to Grow Your Business

There are over 3 billion active users. While there are now many social media platforms, there is no denying that Facebook has a major foothold in the market, all over the world.

If you can build a successful business page, you can potentially get your message out to millions of people.

While local businesses may want to target their audience to their surrounding neighborhoods, if you have an online business and the ability to ship worldwide, then you can look for an even larger Facebook audience.

Buying custom comments can help you get started for this worldwide, online presence. The more people that see your comms, the more people that may be interested in what you are selling. The knock-on effect really has no limits.

What are the Main Reasons to Buy Custom Facebook Comments?

⚪️ Actual People

Let’s make this very clear. SocialsGrow provides custom comments made by real users. They are not bots nor are they fake accounts. Doing so goes against the Facebook guidelines.

When actual people make custom Facebook comments, it shows the community at large that your profile is worth noticing.

If you’ve read the news lately, you will know that all social media platforms are trying to tackle the issue of bots. This is something that needs to be avoided completely.

🟣 Affordable Prices

In order to grow your Facebook page, you either need to spend your precious time working on it or you need to pay for social media marketing services. Both are expensive options.

An alternative if a Facebook service such as SocialsGrow. With this service, purchasing comments is easy and affordable.

You can select from a wide variety of services with tiered pricing. Basically, no matter what your budget is, you can select a package that works within it.

🟢 Immediate Results

You may think purchasing FB comments sounds too good to be true. If this is the case, be cautious and purchase a smaller number of custom feedback.

Then, once you start to see results, you can then purchase more comms on different posts. The goal is always to grow your Facebook profile and custom comments fast-tracks this trajectory.

Top Advantages of Purchasing Facebook Comments from SocialsGrow

🚀 Real and Active Users

Facebook comments that you purchase from SocialsGrow are made by real users. They are all active users with active accounts, which means these people regularly scroll through Facebook. Furthermore, they have accounts with hundreds of friends, which can help spread the word about your business or brand.

🥁 Custom Comments

When you buy comments for your Facebook posts, you want them to be unique. Generic comments don’t inspire further engagement and can look like bots made them. The same goes for random comms that have no relevance to your posts.

Custom Facebook comments show other people on FB that the post is worth interacting with. This, in turn, will lead to more followers.

Is It Better To Buy Facebook Comments, Likes, or Followers?

There are many ways to grow your profile, including buying comments, likes, or followers. What you pick will depend on how you want to promote your page; however, a combination of them is usually your best bet.

Facebook followers means people will follow your FB page. The overall number of your followers is important but it also means you need to work hard to create engaging content so you can retain followers.

You can also buy likes. This means they will like specific posts of yours, which again shows that you are popular and worthwhile.

Facebook comments are the most specific of the categories. When you buy custom comms, you put all your energy into one post. Because of this, many businesses will buy custom comments on multiple posts over a longer period of time.

How can you Buy Custom Comments on SocialsGrow?

The steps for buying custom comments on SocialsGrow are very easy to follow. Take a look at these instructions so you can have your results incredibly quickly. Also, remember that SocialsGrow has a very responsive customer service department. If you have any issues, problems, or concerns along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

1. Select Facebook Option

On the homepage of SocialsGrow, you will see a series of icons for the top social media platforms. Click on the Facebook logo.

2. Select Buying Option

Under the Facebook icon, you will see a list of purchase options. You can certainly pick multiple options, including likes and followers. However, if you want to purchase comments, be sure to click on this option.

3. Decide on Quantity of Comments

The beauty of SocialsGrow is that you can select the quantity of the option you want to purchase. So, whether you want 10 or 100 quality custom Facebook comments, you can select what you want. Just note that there is a bulk discount so if you have the money available, it makes more sense to purchase at the top of your budget as this will actually save you money.

4. Enter Your Information

Once you know what you want to purchase, you can then proceed to the next step. You don’t have to include your password but you do need to enter your profile information, as well as the Facebook post link. This way, you get exactly what you want.

The other information you need to enter is your payment details. SocialsGrow accepts major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. It also accepts Google Pay and Apple Pay.

5. See Results

SocialsGrow guarantees delivery of your purchase within 48 hours. However, most purchases are delivered a lot sooner than this. Check your Facebook profile a few hours after purchase to see the amazing results start to happen.


Do I need to share my password with you when buying Facebook comments?

No, your password is private and should not be shared with anyone, even SocialsGrow. All you need to do is provide your Facebook profile ID and the rest will be taken care of. This is an important question, however. If you encounter a site that asks for any social media platform password, then you should be skeptical and assume it is some sort of scam.

Will Facebook ban my account if I purchase the comments?

The comms provided by SocialsGrow on your posts are made from real-life people. They are not made from bots. As a result, Facebook will not ban your account if you purchase comments. There is no law against buying feedback from real people.

What Facebook comment content isn’t allowed?

Facebook comments are only allowed if they are made by real users. Bot comms are not allowed. SocialsGrow ensures that what is posted won’t violate Facebook’s terms, which means your account won’t be suspended or deactivated.

How fast can you deliver my Facebook custom comments?

SocialsGrow delivers any purchases within 24 hours. However, they are often faster than this and you can expect to see some custom FB comms within a few hours of your purchase. If you purchase a larger volume of custom FB comments, this can take a little longer. Still, you should start to see some Facebook comms appear after a day or two with the rest of them coming shortly after.

What Information do I need to share when buying FB comments?

All you need to share is your Facebook profile ID. You do not need to share your password. You will have to include your payment information, as well, but rest assured that this is secure and will never be shared with anyone. You will also need to share your post link. Unlike simply purchasing Facebook likes or followers, custom Facebook comments are specific to one post. Make sure the post you want comms on is solid and engaging so that when it shows up in other people’s fields, they will want to comment, as well.
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