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The key factor to building a loyal and active following on YouTube is by promoting engagement and conversation. Having a lot of comments signify that your content is worth watching and even express your opinion about, something that easily raises interest and sparks trust in potential subscribers.

Many viewers might want to post a comment but feel shy as to being the first one to do so, therefore having some comments already provided might help the organic commenters to take the step and comment. By increasing your engagement you are also increasing your ranking on YouTube.

Comments are a great way of attracting users attention, fast. By seeing a video has a high number of engagement, such as comments, users are more likely to turn into subscribers by sensing a greater trust for your channel. Because comments are a way to get quick information about a video and what popularity status it has, many potential viewers turn to the comment field before even watching the video.

Any video is useless without comments, likes and shares, therefore you might kickstart your channel by purchasing some comments for your content and encouraging your viewers to actually comment and engage with your video content.

Having said that, the key advantage of purchasing YouTube comments include

  • Authenticate purchased views – Have you purchased likes and views? Does your video have many views but no comments, this might make your views and content look fake which can result in fewer views and a bad ranking. Buying some comments will make your view-to-comment ratio go up and make the viewings lok authentic. Normally when you have a lot of views you are bound to have some comments and engagements, having many views but no comments will raise suspicion in your real viewers and end up lowering your trustworthiness on YouTube. Adding some comments will make your bought views look organic.
  • Better engagements- When you buy comments new viewers visiting your channel and watching your videos will think that your content is getting a lot of comments. Ultimately this fact makes the organic viewers feel more comfortable to post a comment themselves. Some might reply to the comments already present by agreeing or disagreeing, in that way starting a conversation in your comment field. more engagements on your video will lead to a higher ranking and more viewers.
  • Minimize the negative effect of bad comments – When posting content you are bound to get some bad comments and dislikes, having to many bad comments might damage your channel and lower your rankings. One way to get rid of these trolls is to report them but even better is to drown them out by positive comments.

You see, when a video gets enough views and likes, YouTube starts increasing it’s ranking.

But if there’s no comments on it, then YouTube begins suspecting it — you know, they think that maybe these views and likes are being generated by some bots.

So YouTube stops lifting it’s position and keeps it under a strict inspection.

So first to convince YouTube for increasing your ranking, you do need comments.

But guess what?

If a video has no prior comment, then they see no reason to make a new one either.

So they leave it without placing any comments. And that is why you need to purchase some Relevant comments so these people feel encouraged to make comments.

And when they do, it starts giving a social proof that your video is generating better engagements and being loved by hundreds of people. So YouTube also starts ranking it higher.

These are the benefits of purchasing comments. But as I said, they can only be enjoyed when you relevant comments that do not drop out.

How comments work

When buying comments you should aim at buying for a provider that can provide you with REAL comments. Normally these are done by freelancers who get paid to write these comments, this makes it very hard for the YouTube algorithm to pick up on these comments as fake and therefore it works just like normal, organic comments.

Is it safe?

When purchasing YouTube comments via our service we ensure you 100% high-quality comments that will give you the desired results.

Our service is completely safe to use, check out is done securely with our safe payment providers and upon checkout you need not to enter any personal information, simply put in your email for order and payment status notifications. Our service is 100% safe and private.

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