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Why Does Buying YouTube Comments Matters?

One of the key signs of a popular YouTube video is that people are talking about it. Sometimes people don’t want to be the first to comment or don’t feel inspired to say anything until they see what others have to say, so it makes sense to buy YouTube comments. By getting real replies for YouTube, you encourage organic conversations and show your audience that your video is interesting enough to talk about. This helps grow your audience and increase subscribers.

Advantages of buying comments on YT and why is it worth it?

This is a great way to boost important metrics on your YT channel. Here are the reasons why:

  • It’s harder to get replies than likes on videos, so you can buy real YouTube comments to fire up the conversation.
  • only has real, genuine users leaving generic, randomized replies on YouTube. No one will be able to tell this engagement is paid.
  • If you’re trying to grow a business or personal brand, you need to be able to show that people are talking about your content.
  • Once your followers start responding to replies, you’ll get even more comments than you purchased.

How does buying cheap and real comments on YouTube work and who should pay for them?

Buying YouTube comments is ideal if you want a fast, cheap solution to help build engagement and your subscriber count. Our generic comments have been carefully crafted after much research to find the best replies to boost and stimulate organic interaction. You never have to worry about figuring out what they should say. Also, you get an instant uptick in high quality replies, starting just minutes after your payment completes. They continue to arrive in a gradual, natural-looking delivery that mimics how replies normally occur. These replies are all from real, authentic accounts, so it’s perfectly legal to pay for them, and YT will not ban you.

Is it safe to buy YouTube Comments?

Yes, YouTube cheap comments from are perfectly safe because they’re all from real accounts. YT doesn’t actually care if you purchase more replies, as long as they aren’t from bots or fake accounts. These cause them nothing but problems, so they’re constantly deleting bot accounts. They also sometimes ban people who have a high amount of comments from these bots. Because has a strict “no bots” policy, this can’t happen when you buy from us. We also have a secure payment portal, and never require any personal information when you check out. All we ask for is an email address to send your order confirmation.

Why do you need to buy YouTube comments from

Buying YouTube comments for cheap serves many important purposes for your YT account:

  • Every user who replies is a real human—we never allow bots on our service.
  • We have low cost options in different amounts, so no matter what you have to spend, we have the cheapest solution for you.
  • The ordering process is easy and takes a few minutes or less for most people.
  • The quick start and staggered delivery ensure you’re paying for a realistic schedule of replies. Other sites may dump hundreds of comments at once, which can look suspicious to viewers.
  • There’s no risk of a decrease with our 30-day non-drop policy.
  • Our legit responses prove their worth by helping to start conversations and attract more viewers to your videos.

How much does it cost to buy YouTube replies?

Our low-price package options range from 10 replies for £4.39 to 100 for £31.49. (Prices are subject to change.) This is the best value on the market as we only allow real users to comment. If you need a different amount, please contact customer service at, and we’ll be happy to create a custom package for you.


When will I receive my order?

Our start time is really fast, just a few minutes after you get your order confirmation. Responses then arrive in a random pattern—two here, five there, maybe a few minutes or a few hours passing between them. This will prevent any viewers from noticing that you suddenly got your own fan club out of nowhere. For this reason, smaller orders complete more quickly, often in a few hours, while bigger orders may take up to two days to be fully complete.

From whom will the responses come?

From real, targeted users all over the world—the USA, the UK, Canada, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Australia, and many other countries. This is in line with YT’s overall global audience. Comments that aren’t emojis will usually be in the English language.

Will anyone know that I have purchased Youtube comments?

No, because of our random delivery and real users, no one can tell some of your replies are paid.

Will these responses drop?

We have a 30-day no-drop protection policy. If any of your replies go away in this time, just write to, and we’ll replace them for you.

Do you need my password to deliver my YT responses?

Absolutely not. No website needs this to help you gain replies for your videos, and you should never give out this info.

Will Youtube ban my account for purchasing replies?

No, because we work hard to ensure all replies come from real users, and we never allow bots on our site.

Are my replies realistic-looking as you claim in the article?

Yes, we’re positive no one will notice anything out of the ordinary. All comments are things real people say and are posted by real people.

Can I place multiple orders for the same Youtube video?

Sure. Adding more replies from time to time helps boost your channel by showing your videos are “evergreen,” or remain relevant and popular long after they’re posted.

What payment methods can I use to buy replies from SocialsGrow?

You can use a credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or AmEx) or Google or Apple Pay.

Do you provide any guarantee if I purchase?

Yes, one of the benefits of using is knowing your purchase is safe. Don’t make the mistake of trusting a less reputable site. At, we guarantee if your order isn’t as described on our site, we’ll issue you a refund. We’re also happy to address any other difficulties you may have. Please write to us at and describe the issue so we can help you with it.
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