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What are Story Poll Votes? The Impact Polls Can Have on Your Social Accounts?

On your Instagram Stories feature, you can add a poll, everything from asking customers what they would prefer on your next product to just asking friends where they think you should go for dinner.

Poll votes on Instagram can be a great way to gather details about what people think, which can be really helpful for measuring your audience’s opinions. This can even serve as market research for companies.

It can be tough to get a lot of people to engage and vote on polls if you don’t have a lot of followers, so it is easy to see why people look to buy IG story votes. On top of that, with the option to purchase targeted answers from the US, UK, India, and other countries, you may even control the way most people answer the polls and what the percentages look like at the end.

Who Usually Purchases IG Poll Votes and Why?

The sort of people getting poll responses for sale include:

  • Brands and companies looking to do market research
  • People running competitions and contests on their Instagram
  • People who want to engage their followers by asking them direct questions
  • Influencers wanting to ensure lots of people add votes when they put a poll

Polls work by putting a sticker over your story which just gives people the option to respond either yes or no. In exactly 24 hours, it will disappear from peoples’ feeds, just like any other Story. However, if it is on your account you can see the results and even add the Story to your “Highlights” section.

What are the Main Benefits of Buying Responses for IG Stories Polls and How Can It Be Used in Promotion?

There are lots of benefits to getting real responses on your IG Story polls, such as researching the market and getting people’s opinions. It is also a great way to encourage your users to engage and even to keep coming back to check on the poll. It really gets the conversation started.

Instagram’s algorithm is also very intelligent, and if you saw many people voted, then it is more likely that your posts will rank higher and get more IG reach, meaning potentially more participants, followers, and opportunities for rapid growth.

Choosing to buy Instagram Story poll votes can be the cheapest way to give your profile that extra boost of visibility.

Where Should You Get Your Voters For Instagram Stories? Why Choose as Promotion Partner? is the perfect partner for buying IG poll votes in bulk at a cheap cost. It means you get genuine interactions from real users and a huge boost to your profile. Even if you have a relatively new Instagram channel, the site can provide you with a huge amount of quality responses to your questions, and allow you to gain real responses from authentic users in a safe and secure way.

How To Purchase Active Instagram Story Poll Answers: Our Simple Steps

Getting your Instagram votes and starting to grow your polls are simple as well as fast and secure:

  1. Create a story using the feature
  2. Choose the package you like in terms of price
  3. Send us the information by filling in our order form on our website containing the link to the answer they would like answered, plus a vote=1 or vote=2 at the end to specify the left or right answer. E.G. would be to vote for the left.
  4. Finish up your order and you will quickly see voting begin! They will start appearing as soon as you’ve finished your order. This usually begins instantly after you have paid.

Is it Safe to Purchase Story Poll Votes?

There’s absolutely no need to worry about safety. Instagram not only doesn’t have any rules to say you can’t do this but there is no way for Instagram to know you have paid for them. If you buy organic answers, there is no risk for your account in the future.

All our voters are real people so there is even more safety and security knowing that humans are interacting with your stories, which is exactly what Instagram would want to see anyway. 

Yes, there is nothing to say that making a choice to purchase these clicks and responses is not legal or not within the terms of Instagram, and no way of telling you’ve made a purchase. We deliver our cheapest packages without bots, so you don’t risk anything.
No, Instagram has no way of knowing that you have paid for the organic responses as they are made by real human accounts.
Your account is totally safe, with no instances of people getting their accounts banned just for buying this type of engagement.
Your account will need to be visible for people to see the stories and therefore vote for them when you buy Instagram Story votes. After the delivery, you are to make it private again.
No, we are strictly a no password service which means you don’t have to share any private information to purchase from us.
We accept a variety of the safest payment methods including Visa, Mastercard credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even Bitcoin. No illegal and unsafe methods are used.
Instagram poll votes will start to flood in almost instantly when you have completed your order as long as you have put up the story posing the question you want to be answered. The delivery will be gradual though in order to avoid any suspicions.
Yes, as we don’t need any login details, so you can buy votes for instagram poll for someone else if you wish, as the process is the same.
We offer a service guarantee of two weeks, should you have any issue in that time period. We ensure that you get the right assistance, but polls are online for 24 hours and your likes will appear within this time.
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