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What makes buying 25 Instagram likes a good idea and what happens when you buy likes on IG?

When you buy 25 Instagram likes, you get an instant boost in popularity for a post or posts. This is important, because Insta gives precedence to content with higher engagement. That’s why it’s so hard to gain an audience at first—even if you gather several hundred followers, most of them won’t see your Instagram photos unless they already have a lot of hearts. You can see the circular nature of the problem here—but buying 25 IG likes allows you to get some attention for your content, so you can grow organically. These paid favorites are from real users, and can be divided for all or multiple photos.

Why should you purchase 25 real Instagram likes and who buys them?

25 is a great number of hearts to get your accounts and pictures a quick boost. Buying this small package every few weeks as you produce new content will help continue to expand your online audience. Here are some examples of people who use our active likers to support their goals:

  • Businesspeople—entrepreneurs, coaches, marketers, or consultants trying to help promote clients
  • Artists and entertainers, like actors, singers, musicians, bands, comedians, etc.
  • Bloggers and writers, particularly food and travel bloggers
  • Influencers who need a bigger audience to impress companies that hire spokespeople

So where should you go to buy 25 likes on Instagram and why? is the best site to get the most bang for your buck. Our rates are very competitive, plus we give you something many competitors don’t—only real, active likers provide your hearts. We also have top notch customer service, and a safe, secure payment portal.

What would be the approximate cost to get 25 likes on Instagram?

This is a high quality service for a cheap price, now it is for 25 favorites. (Prices may change with seasons and the market, but we’re always a great value.) Remember that at this price point you’re getting hits from real users, never bots or fake accounts. You can order from anywhere—the USA, UK, Nigeria, Canada, Australia, and many other countries—and if your payment isn’t in pounds, we’ll simply convert it.

What are the steps of how to buy 25 likes for Instagram?

This is a fast process to help you get more engagement. It should only take a few minutes and will net you great, instant results. Here’s what to do:

  • Go straight to
  • Choose Instagram from the drop down menu, then Likes, then the package for 25.
  • At this point we’ll ask for the profile link you want users to like.
  • Then you’ll see some recent pictures. You can click the down arrows to see more.
  • Choose which posts you want liked, or choose the option for all of them if you want.
  • After that, all you have to do is pay for your order with VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.
  • Shortly after you’ll get an email confirmation with an estimated completion time for delivery.

How safe is it to acquire favorites this way?

Our website makes it totally safe to purchase interaction on Insta. The truth is, IG doesn’t care if you get paid hearts. But they care a lot if you pay bots or fake accounts, because those create nothing but problems for Instagram. They slow down the site and spam people, and no one wants that. So IG will not only delete every bot account they find, but they’ll also punish users who have a high number of bots liking their stuff. The assumption is that if you’re paying bots, you’re contributing to the problem, so you can go as well. This is a real problem for users who buy from disreputable sites where some or all of their likers are fake. However, we never use these bots at SocialsGrow, so this is the safe solution for your interaction needs.


How quickly will my likes arrive?

In most cases, less than a day. Often hearts will start to show up within 10 minutes of your confirmation email. The delivery is gradual, so it looks realistic and will usually complete in a few hours.

Is there any guarantee my 25 hearts won’t disappear from my profile?

Yes, we're proud to stand behind our work with our 30-day guarantee. If any of your favorites disappear within that time, simply contact and explain the issue. We'll be happy to get them replaced right away.

Do other people know when you buy favorites?

No, 25 isn't a big enough number to raise any eyebrows, especially spread over multiple posts. And even if someone did notice, there would be no way to know that your hearts were paid since the users leaving them are all real. It also helps that they come in gradually instead of all at once, because this is in line with how people normally favorite things on Insta.
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