Payment and Delivery Conditions

Payment Methods

Buying on SocialsGrow is easy for our users. We have various payment processing options so that our customers can pay in the most convenient method possible. We secure payment details in all possible ways, including using secure servers that will keep all information you share with us safe from hackers. Payments are to be made in American dollars unless otherwise specified.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Should you have further queries about the services we offer, please reach out to us. We pride ourselves on how easy it is to use our website and purchase our services. High-level customer service is our main goal. If you are not entirely satisfied for any reason, let us know so that we can try to devise a solution to make it right.

Credit Card Information

When you elect to pay for one of our services or products through the site’s secure credit card processing facility, we will need your credit card details, along with your name, and email address. We need those details so we can send you your order along with a receipt and tax invoice.

We protect all credit card information that we receive through our online transactions. We use SSL (secure sockets layer) software which encrypts the information your computer sends us as it is transferred to our servers. For SSL certificate details, click on the padlock icon on our payment page. Our state-of-the-art servers are located in the UK.


The delivery process will begin instantly within 24 hours of you placing your order and SocialsGrow processing the payment. Take note that in order to fulfill your request, we need an accurate link to a social media account, as well as video, tweet, or post information, etc. if applicable.

Expect smaller deliveries within a day or two of placing the order, while larger orders may take a couple of days. For more explicit details regarding how long your order will take, please look at the specific number of subs, likes, comments, etc. you are buying.

Conditions may exist wherein we will be unable to process your order. Those might include if we cannot process your credit card payment or other payment method, if you sent us invalid social media links, or if you have a private account that we’re unable to access. Under those circumstances, we will attempt to contact you so you have the opportunity to correct the issue if you wish.

Refunds and Refills

In certain situations, we are willing to offer refunds. That might be if we were unable to provide you with the service you requested or if we gave you the wrong service. If you do not contact us and let us know about any problem or inaccuracy, then we will assume the order was completed as requested.

If you would prefer a refill of the social media engagement you ordered, then we will attempt delivery for you again instead of furnishing you with a refund.

How Are a Refund and Refill Different from One Another?

A refund is a chance for you to get back the total money you paid us. We can do that in two scenarios:

  • The delivered item does not match the website description
  • The delivery did not start within ten days of you placing the order

By contract, a refill is a reimbursement. If a person ordered a service of 100 subscribers, for instance, and those were delivered, and then within a week 15 of those were “cut off” or dropped, we would refill them at no further cost to the customer.

Please note that there is no automatic refill option. You can contact customer support and we will refill your lost subscribers or engagement numbers. The refill will begin within the following 24-48 hours. If you do not see your numbers increase to the appropriate amount, please reach out to customer support again. We ask that you please send us evidence of your paid-for engagement numbers dropping off, such as a screenshot, so that we can verify your claim’s veracity.

You have thirty (30) days to request any refills or refunds.

Contacting Us

If we have not answered any question for you sufficiently and fully regarding payment methods, delivery, refunds, or refills, then you can visit our FAQs page or reach us by email

Our support staff is always there and happy to help you with any additional problems or questions you may have.