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What are the ways that buying 100 Instagram followers can help and how does that work?

Trying to grow a social audience is no easy feat, especially since Insta places more importance on user accounts with the most fans. Because of this, it’s difficult to get started and gain a following, so it may be a good idea to buy 100 Instagram followers. These aren’t bots or tacky fake accounts, they’re real, active fans who will help boost your account’s standing with the site’s algorithms. This means more viewers for your posts, which leads to organic growth.

What makes it worth it to buy 100 real instagram followers and who would benefit most?

Because IG favors accounts with larger numbers of fans, helping people find your content is an uphill battle. Buying 100 Instagram followers allows you to leap over this hurdle and get started expanding your online audience by helping you get more views. You can do this for your personal account, or for business. Here are some situations where it can be an especially good idea:

You’re a businessperson looking to promote a product or brand.

You’re an influencer, or trying to start a career as one, and you need to improve your authentic reach.

You’re an artist, writer, or entertainer, and you’d love to have a viral video but that means people need to actually see it so they can share it.

You’re a blogger, maybe writing about food or travel, and need to promote your blog.

You’re a coach—maybe you coach people on exercise, health, or fitness, or perhaps you’re a business or life coach. You need to grow your following so you can help more people.

What makes the best site to get 100 active fans?

Our dedication to providing a high quality service to our customers is unmatched. Some competitors are only selling follows from bot or fake accounts, which can lead to a big headache for you. Our fans are all legit, engaged users.

What does it cost to purchase 100 followers on instagram?

Rates are subject to change, but on average you can get 100 IG followers for around £3.99. This is a really cheap price for the value that you get, including only real, reliable fans, and fast service.

What are the simple steps of how to buy more IG fans?

This is a quick process to get targeted fans for Instagram. First go to, then select Instagram from the drop-down menu. Next you’ll choose an amount, in this case 100. At this point we’ll ask for the link to your profile. Once you’ve added that, the only thing left to do is pay for your order. You may use any credit card backed by VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or AmEx. We also accept Apple or Google Pay. Once your payment method is accepted, we’ll send you an email confirmation with an estimated time for completion of delivery.

Is it safe to build an audience this way?

Yes, with SocialsGrow it’s very safe because we only use genuine user accounts. People tend to have problems when they buy from sites that use a lot of bot accounts. The site may not specifically say where they get their fans, so you might not know you’re purchasing fake followers. Unfortunately, Insta is pretty good at identifying bots, and while they don’t really care if your fans are paid, they will do whatever it takes to get rid of bots. That means banning or suspending accounts that have a bunch of fake followers (even if you didn’t know they were fake). You can expand your following without losing your account status by only using SocialsGrow and our real followers.


Should you buy instant fans for work or business?

Yes, a lot of people do. If you’re trying to get people to see your business account, it’s a great idea. Because there’s no password required, you can also purchase an audience for clients or businesses you do collaborative work with.

What if some of these users unfollow the next day?

Because we offer 30-day unfollow protection, you can just contact us and we’ll replace them for free. Our support services department can be reached at

Do I have to be in the UK to purchase fans?

No, we have satisfied customers all over the world, including the UK, the USA, India, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, France, and many other countries. Our active users are also from all over the world, much like Insta’s overall audience.

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