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Why is buying 50 Instagram followers a good plan and what happens when you purchase them?

Many people find it hard to gain attention for their posts on Insta these days, because the website favors accounts that already have a large audience. Of course, it’s easier to grow your social following when people see your stuff, so sometimes the best way out of this catch-22 is to buy 50 Instagram followers. This fast boost to your popularity tells IG’s algorithm that your popularity is growing, so you’ll get more organic reach and fans. Your paid followers are all real, genuine accounts—no bots or fake accounts allowed.

Is it really worth it to buy 50 real Instagram followers and why?

Buying 50 Instagram followers accomplishes several things:

  • It shows people you already have fans if your account is small—many people are more inclined to like or follow something other people like.
  • It improves your standing in IG’s algorithms so more people view your posts and have a chance to be genuine followers.
  • Once you gain more legit fans, the algorithm will show your posts to even more people, and the cycle repeats.
  • It’s especially advantageous to businesspeople, coaches, fitness personalities, travel or food bloggers, authors or writers, artists, entertainers, and anyone trying to increase their online following.

What makes the best site to pay for IG followers?

All our users are active, legit accounts. Some of our competitors use fake or bot accounts for some or all of their follows, and this can lead to problems for their customers. To keep your account safe, trust SocialsGrow to provide a reliable, authentic audience increase.

What kind of cost can you expect for 50 active fans?

Please remember that prices may change with the market, but on average you can get 50 followers on Instagram for . At this low price, you can afford to buy more whenever you need a boost.

What are the steps of how to buy cheap, instant fans for Instagram?

This won’t take long at all. Just head to and select the package for 50 IG followers. Next you’ll copy and paste the link for your Insta profile so users can find your account. Then you’ll be prompted to enter your credit card info for payment—VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx, or Google or Apple Pay are all good. After this part is complete, you’ll receive an email confirming your order and providing an approximate delivery window.

Is it safe to get more IG fans this way, and can you do it without losing your account?

You may know someone who thinks buying followers is a bad idea because they bought some, then IG suspended or deleted their account. This can happen, but only if you use a bad site with bot or fake followers. Insta has no problem with paid fans, but they will do anything to get rid of the bots that cause problems on their site all day. So if you get a bunch of fake followers, yes,  you’ll have this problem. But since SocialsGrow never uses bots or fake accounts, only real, engaged users, your account is perfectly safe.


What are the benefits of buying targeted fans for business?

Many customers use our quality service for work or business reasons. They can quickly improve account status for their own business, or a client's. Because there's no password required, you can purchase fans for anyone, or for multiple clients whose social standing needs some help.

If you purchse fans, can they unfollow?

With our 30-day unfollow protection, you have nothing to worry about. If any of your new fans disappear within 30 days, we'll replace them for you right away. Just let us know at

What if I'm not in the UK, can I still make a purchase?

Absolutely. We have users in every country you can get to Insta in. Some popular countries include the UK, the USA, Nigeria, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Germany, France, and others. If you don't use pounds to pay for things, your payment will be converted at checkout.

Why did I suddenly get 50 new fans?

It's hard to say for sure, but it's possible a friend or admirer thought your account needed more attention and bought you some. Since there's no password required, anyone can buy followers for any account.
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