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What are some reasons to buy 200 Followers on Instagram?

Because it’s difficult to gain a toehold in the crowded world of Insta, many people find that it helps to buy 200 Instagram followers. Most users follow hundreds of people, so the site decides who sees what using an algorithm that prioritizes popular content and accounts. Of course it’s hard to get popular content and a popular account if few people even see your stuff, so you need a way to boost your account. Buying real, genuine followers gives your account that increase it needs to get in front of more viewers, so you can then have organic growth.

Why is it worth the effort to buy 200 real Instagram followers and who should do it?

There are a lot of good benefits you can unlock by buying 200 instagram followers. For one thing, having more IG followers really impresses people and makes them more inclined to want to follow you too. The benefits to your standing in IG’s algorithm also help you gain visibility for your account. This is helpful to a lot of people, but here are some groups who might take a particular interest:

  • Performers, like actors, singers, dancers, bands, musicians, comedians, magicians, street performers, etc.
  • Writers or bloggers.
  • Coaches of all kinds—fitness coaches, business coaches, life coaches.
  • Business owners or people doing marketing or social media management for their clients.

Is really the best site to get 200 followers on Instagram?

Absolutely. We only have real, legit users, so you’re paying for high quality, engaged fans. You never have to worry about the headache and embarrassment of getting caught with an army of bot followers.

How cheap is the cost to buy 200 active fans?

The price may change with the market, and we do sometimes have sales, but usually you can get 200 active, targeted fans for £4.59.

How to buy IG followers fast?

You can grow your online following in only a few minutes with these easy instructions. Just go to and select the package for 200 Instagram followers. Next you just have to enter the link for your profile. After that, you check out using any credit card backed by VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. Additionally you can use Google or Apple Pay. Once you’ve paid, we’ll send you an email confirming your order, with an approximate delivery time.

How do you know it’s safe to purchase fans for Instagram like this?

Because we employ only authentic, reliable users. Most safety problems occur when people buy from bad sites that use some or all bots for their fans. Insta hates fake accounts and will punish accounts that have too many bots following them—whether you know it or not! Sometimes people who buy from other sites don’t even realize they paid for fake fans until it’s too late. Fortunately SocialsGrow only has real users, so you can get instant paid fans without losing your reputation or account status on IG.


Why do some people buy fans for business?

Because sometimes a new or small company seems more legit if it has a significant amount of fans. Many people also make a living as influencers now, but companies who work with influencers want someone with a bigger audience. Getting 200 new users every now and then helps keep your work account growing.

Do you need my password?

No, there is no password required and you should be wary of any site that claims to need one for this purpose. Never give out your password.

Can I buy from other countries?

Yes, you may purchase fans from anywhere—we have happy customers in the USA, the UK, Australia, India, Canada, Nigeria, and many other places. Our users are also from all over the world, just like IG’s overall audience.

What if my new fans unfollow right after they follow?

We have 30-day unfollow protection, so if this happens, just write to us at

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