How To Make Money on Instagram in 2024?

Dan Meaney

Updated May 10, 2024

Instagram Monetization

❓️ What is Monetization on Instagram?

When we talk about monetization, it really just means how to make money on Instagram. It’s a simple enough concept, but there are many ways to reach your goals.
If you want to earn money through your Instagram account, you should decide what your strengths are. Perhaps you have a business account and want to sell goods or services. Or, if you have a large follower count, you can look at posting sponsored content.
The revenue stream you decide on should be based on your time available, your motivation, and your end goals.

💡 How Does Instagram Monetization Work?

Life is expensive. With the rising costs of groceries, rent, and general living expenses, more and more people are becoming creative with how they make money. However, there is only so much time in the day, which is why passive income is so appealing.
With passive income, you put a bit of work in, but not in a traditional job. Instead, you work around your schedule with the hope that as time goes by, you can decrease that effort while increasing your profit.
Anyone with an Instagram account can work on making money. In fact, of all the social media platforms, Instagram is one of the most user-friendly and holds the most potential. This is because there are around 2 billion Instagram users around the world. The potential is there, now you just need to harness it.

👥️ Who Can Make Money on Instagram?

Money on InstagramDo you have an Instagram account? Then you can make money from Instagram. This sounds simple and it is, but how much money you make is a lot more complicated. Still, let’s go over the two types of people that can best benefit from Instagram’s monetization tools.

Instagram Business Account

If you own a business, you need to have social media accounts. The big three are still Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and all serve slightly different functions.
While some types of content are specific to just one platform, there is a lot of overlap, which you can take advantage of. There’s no point in constantly reinventing the wheel, so if you post a picture to Facebook, be sure to post it to Instagram, as well.
An Instagram business account should include informative posts or links to blog posts about your industry. This shows that you want to help your customers be productive and successful. You should also use your Instagram account to share information about sales or events.
Basically, if you own a business, your Instagram account will help show you as an industry leader while simultaneously funneling people to your website where they will purchase your goods or services.

Instagram Personal Account

If you have some free time and want to make money in a non-traditional sense, Instagram may be the way to do it. In this case, it’s all about personal branding.
If you have a large follower count, you can partner with brands or become an affiliate marketer. You wouldn’t make money directly from sales, instead, you would make money based on how many people see a post or watch a video.
The money made through this venture can be minimal at first. However, if continue to grow your follower account, the money earned should snowball.

💰 Instagram Monetization and the Basic Requirements

Before you get started on your quest to monetize your Instagram account, you must first have plenty of Instagram followers. No matter what avenue you choose to pursue, how many Instagram followers you have will directly impact the amount of money you can make.
While you can build your account as you go, the more popular your Instagram page is, the easier it will be for you to scale up. Try to attract more followers that are part of your target audience. This will ensure that your followers will be more interested in the products you offer, which will translate to higher revenue.
The next step is to understand that you need to create engaging posts. If your content is not interesting, then nobody will interact with it, like it, or share it. Thus, you won’t get exposure from other Instagram users.
Finally, the more you engage with your Instagram audience, the more they will trust you. Creating a personal brand entails treating your followers with respect. Even through social media, you can create a community that is more than just an Instagram influencer wanting to make money. People want authenticity, even when they are online.

📈 Effective Instagram Monetization Strategies for Content Creators and Professionals

Instagram creators come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to create original content, work on being an affiliate marketer, or focus on Instagram shopping, there are key methods you can take to earn money through Instagram. At the heart of it, having a robust social media marketing strategy is key.

How to Make Money from Video Ads?

If you have a popular Instagram account, you can make money from showing video ads. However, this only works if you have a lot of followers. While you don’t necessarily need a million followers, you do need tens of thousands of them.
Once you create an Instagram post, not everyone who follows you will see it, and even less will watch or read the post in its entirety. Advertisers know this, so they scale down how much they are willing to pay for you to post an ad.

How to Use Creator Marketplace?

Knowing that people want to monetize their Instagram accounts, Instagram established a creator marketplace. This is a venue for like-minded people to gather and connect with other people to help shape their brand and sell more products.
Many brand collaborations come from this space as everyone is driven by the same desire. Spend a bit of time searching through the marketplace and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most people will be in a similar situation as you and just starting out.
Just remember that Instagram requires a paid partnership label to be displayed on all collaborative posts, reels, or stories.

How to Sell Personal Products?

One simple way of making money through Instagram is by selling products. This is a more traditional route and one that many businesses will be comfortable with.
Basically, you want to have a high-profile Instagram presence that attracts a lot of followers. Then, you can link to your own online store and drive sales to this site.
Instagram is a great tool as you can post photos and reviews of your products. Be sure to add product tags and hashtags to make it easier for other Instagram users to find your profile.

How to Provide Educational and Consulting Services?

Another Instagram strategy is to create an online course or consulting service. Again, you can use your Instagram profile to draw interest and then direct people to a different website where they can sign up.
For this revenue stream to work, you want to provide some advice for free. This will tell your followers that you know what you are talking about. Then, once they are hooked, you can advertise for exclusive content.
A tiered pay scheme is used by many online courses. The amount you pay determines how much content is unlocked.

Other Ways to Make Money on Instagram

The more creative you are, the more ways you can discover to make money on this social media platform. While diverse revenue streams are great, just remember that they require more work to set up. Initially, it might be better to focus on one avenue for the most success.
Brand deals can be a great revenue source. In this case, you would partner with a brand and create posts and videos with you either wearing the product or talking about how great the service is.
A sponsored post like this does need a label so that people know what is an ad and what isn’t. Furthermore, the band partnership will have a commitment, such as a posting schedule and a number of posts. If you break this agreement, you won’t be paid.
Unfortunately, there are many scams involving brand deals. Once an Instagram profile starts to become popular, they will almost always receive unsolicited messages from companies looking for partners. If this happens, remember that if it sounds too good to be true, then it often is.
Branded content is definitely a thing, you just need to find a reputable company to work with. Ask around, especially with other creator account profiles, to see if they have a direct way of contacting a company. Almost all major companies use Instagram influencers, so there is a chance for you to follow this path.

💶 How Much Can I Make When I My Instagram Account?

MonetizationThe most important question when wanting to know how to monetize Instagram is just how much money you will make. Yes, brands pay influencers, and yes, you can make money by selling goods and services, but the actual numbers might surprise you.
Top influencers don’t always like to talk about how much money they earn, but some people are quite transparent. On average, a top Instagram creator can make between $10,000 and $40,000 per month.
This sounds amazing, but remember that most Instagram creators do not make that much money. Furthermore, there are a lot of hidden costs involved.
First of all, you need to invest in quality electronics. Both your computer and your smartphone should be new. Having a phone with a high-quality camera is essential.
If your brand strategy revolves around you traveling, exploring the city, or even eating out, then those expenses need to be considered.
The biggest hidden expense, however, is time. Instagram success is often equivalent to how much time you are able to put into your business. If you quit your job to focus on your Instagram content, then you need to be making the equivalent through social media.
So often, the more practical route is to keep your full-time job and pursue monetization on Instagram as a part-time job. If you have a family, this means spending a lot less time with them. Alternatively, you may cut down on sleep, which is unhealthy.
In the short term, these sacrifices are worth it. But you should have a realistic timeline for your goals. If you aren’t making money and are starting to dip into your savings, or your home life is suffering, you need to either scale back or re-think your approach.

Instagram Followers

Above all, if you want to make money on Instagram, focus on the number of Instagram followers you have. Instagram marketing only works if you have people who view your sponsored posts. Even regular Instagram posts need a large enough audience to convert viewers to buyers.
It doesn’t matter if you are using your Instagram shop to advertise promo codes or to simply sell photos. The more followers you have, the more likely it will be to make a sale.

✅ Conclusion

Yes, it is possible to monetize your Instagram content. In fact, social media is a great opportunity for making money. Your expectations should be realistic, however, because making money online does take a lot of hard work and time.
To help speed up the process, there are a few factors to consider. How many followers you have will directly dictate how many people are exposed to your Instagram content. Remember that any Instagram stories or posts should be engaging and interesting so that your followers share that content with other people.
Whether you want to make money from Instagram by marketing an online store or a service, or whether you want to make money through sponsored posts, if you work hard and take advantage of all the tools available, you should start to see some success.

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