How To Get Verified on Instagram?

Dan Meaney

Updated May 10, 2024

How To Get Verified on Instagram?

When Instagram first started, it only had a few million accounts. Now it has over a billion. This popular social media account is a first pick for celebrities, public figures, businesses, and professionals. But how do you know who is legitimate and who isn’t? This is where Insta verification comes into play.

In this blog, we will reveal all the secrets of getting verified on Instagram.

What is the Meaning Behind the Blue Badge?

Meaning Behind the Blue Badge

Starting in 2018, Instagram users can apply for their accounts to be verified. If so, their account will have a small check mark inside a blue badge next to the user’s name.

If you see verified badges, you will then know that the account is legitimate. It is also of note, meaning it belongs to an actor, elite athlete, or prominent public figure.

Once an account is verified, the blue badge will appear. Users can’t place it on their account on their own.

What is the Process of Getting a Blue Check on Instagram?

Overall, the process of getting verified on Insta is relatively simple. Both personal and business accounts can be verified, as long as they are real, notable, and unique.

After that, simply follow the steps that Insta lays out. Everything can be done from your phone.

Benefits of Getting a Badge on Instagram


As of 2021, there were a reported 1.21 billion active users on Instagram. That is quite simple, a lot of accounts. When somebody goes on Instagram to look for a reputable source, the blue check simplifies things.

Furthermore, a verified badge adds legitimacy to an account. Instead of somebody merely claiming to be an expert in a specific field, being verified on Instagram means they are an expert. It helps to eliminate fake accounts.

The same goes for celebrity accounts. There are countless fan accounts or parody accounts that seem like the real deal. However, if you see the blue check next to your favorite singer or actor, then you know that that is the person you want to follow.

Once you have an Instagram verification badge, you may see plenty of bonus advantages.

Increased Followers➡️ Not many people want to follow a fan celebrity account when they can follow the real deal. The same goes for other accounts with a verification badge.

Once you are verified, pay attention to your follower count. Within a few weeks, you should see way more IG followers than before.
Better Search Results➡️ Verified accounts will often appear higher up in the search results. The legitimacy of your account means Instagram wants to place you ahead of other non-verified accounts because you will be a better fit for what people search for.
Increase Brand Awareness➡️ Having a business that is verified will help bring in more business. Not only will you increase your brand awareness by having a higher search presence, but people looking for a business will click on your profile more than others.

Verification is similar to good online reviews. It shows that you are a leader in your field which means you will provide a great, quality service.

Who can’t get verified on Instagram?

The people at Instagram determine if your account should be verified. There are a number of circumstances that will almost automatically discount you from the process.

If you have an account that falls under one of the following categories, you probably won’t be verified.

  • If you run a fan account
  • If you have multiple accounts for the same business
  • If you use misleading information
  • If you do not have a complete profile

How many Followers do you Need?

The good news is that there is no minimum to the number of followers you need on Instagram to be verified. The bad news is that there are still other eligibility requirements.

As we mentioned, you need to have a notable account and a field that people are looking for. A person who uploads pictures of their dog will not have their account verified.

A local business that regularly posts educational instructions or solutions to your problems, may be able to be verified.

It is better to have a large following to increase your chances of being verified. This shows that people already think you are an expert in your given field and have decided that what you offer is worthwhile.

Only having five followers most likely will not get you verified. Having 5,000 followers, on the other hand, will give you a much better chance.

What are the Verification Criteria?

Do you think your Instagram account is ready for verification? Before you start the process, go through these requirements to see if you are a good candidate. Answer honestly in order to save yourself time in the process.

❇️ Authentic

First and foremost, you cannot be a bot. Your profile must represent a real person or a registered business with an authentic presence.

If you try to cut corners, Instagram will be aware of this. If you don’t want to use your personal account, think about creating a business account that showcases your registered business or brand.

❇️ Unique

Similar to being authentic, your Instagram account must represent either yourself or your business. Furthermore, if you own a business, you may only have one verified Instagram account, although some exceptions will be made if you need to have accounts in multiple languages.

General interest accounts, such as funny sports fail videos, will not be accepted for verification. This is because the category is too general and the videos or memes are often a mixture of other accounts or internet content.

❇️ Complete

While you don’t need to spend a lot of time setting up your Instagram account, you do need to complete the basics. Before you apply for verification, make sure the following information is complete:

  • Make sure your account is public
  • Complete a biography of yourself or your business in the bio
  • Provide a photo for your profile
  • Ensure your account is active and not dormant

❇️ Notable

The fourth and final requirement to be verified on Instagram revolves around whether you are notable. This is the most subjective category.

Being notable means that other people often search for you. So, if you are a public figure, business leader, author, or athlete, you could be notable. However, if you only play in a recreational league and not a national sports team, you are probably not a notable athlete.

As for your brand, this is a bit more straightforward. Businesses find it easier to prove they are notable as they are far more unique than people.

Even if your business is small and only includes you or a few other people, you still have a chance to verify it. Show proof of your business license, have a trademarked logo, and use clear branding to demonstrate you are a notable and legitimate business.

Step by Step instructions to Get Verified on Instagram

Step 1:Use your phone – you can’t apply on a computer
Step 2:Ensure your profile is complete and legitimate
Step 3:Go to Settings and tap Request Verification
Step 4:Complete the application form
Step 5:Provide a copy of your official government ID, such as a passport or driver’s license.
Step 6:If you are a business, you can upload a utility bill or business license
Step 7:Submit your verification application

What happens if I don’t Get a Blue Checkmark?

I don’t Get a Blue Checkmark

If you don’t get a verified badge from Instagram, go back to the beginning. Check to see if you fall under the broad categories of notable people, legitimate businesses, or public figures.

You may need to do something as simple as completing your profile or providing the right information. If your follower count is low, work on increasing this number.

When in doubt, contact Instagram to see if they can look at your specific account.


How long will it take to be verified?

Now that you know how to get verified on Instagram, the next step is waiting. Once you submit your application to be verified, you can expect to wait up to 30 days for a response. Instagram has a team dedicated to verifying accounts but with billions of users, there can be a bit of a wait.

If you haven’t heard from the team in a month, be sure to go through your Instagram settings to see if there is an issue. You can contact Instagram to see if there is a reason for a delay and then, if there is, work to remedy any issues.

Do I have to spend money to get verified?

Instagram will not charge you to get verified and have that blue check next to your name. It is a free service that makes the social media platform better and easier for users to navigate. If you see otherwise, this is fake or misleading information.

However, you may find yourself paying money to grow your account in order for Instagram to verify it. This is because Insta expects you to have a decent following, although there is no specific threshold of followers.

If you have a small account with only a few post likes and not many followers, Instagram won’t verify your account because you haven’t proven that you offer a valuable service. While you should work hard to grow your account organically, purchasing followers may be a way to kickstart that action.

Please note that Instagram is trialing a paid subscription that was launched in 2023. This is still in the testing stages and is different than the standard blue check badge that currently exists. The paid subscription will eventually be available for Facebook and Instagram.

How hard is it to be Instagram verified?

The entire process of applying to be verified on Insta is not that difficult. There isn’t an exact checklist but there is enough information that you can easily work through it.

Beyond that, Instagram does have a rather stringent set of criteria in order to grant verification. Otherwise, everyone on Insta would have that check next to their name and the identification wouldn’t mean anything.

I’m just a normal person. Can I still get verified on Instagram?

When we think about that little blue check next to a profile, we normally think about celebrities. However, many other people on Insta have verified accounts.

Instagram verification is for notable or unique people or brands. They should be experts in an area or create a unique presence on the social media platform.

The hardest issue with verification is that the category is rather broad. There is no determined set of criteria for who can be verified or not. Instead, once you submit your application, a panel of employees will review your case to determine your status.

The bottom line is that normal people can be verified but they do need to have some sort of status in their field. Just because you regularly post on Instagram or like have a lot of followers, it does not mean you will automatically get approved.

If you have a business or brand, this might be the easier route for verification. Say you own a local pet food store. If you can prove you are the legitimate owner, through branding or a business license, the path to verification will be easier.

Can I purchase verification on Instagram?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions out there. You cannot purchase verification on Instagram. Under no circumstances is this allowed.

The whole purpose of verification is to legitimately differentiate regular accounts from notable people or brands. Paying to have your average account would undermine the whole system.

If you come across any website that promotes paying a fee to be verified, please be aware that it is a scam. You will not get your money back and you will not be verified.

Does Instagram pay users after they are verified?

No, there is no monetary incentive to be verified by IG, at least not by the company. However, you are helping to make Instagram more streamlined if your account deserves to be verified.

Everyone who goes on Insta wants instantaneous results. After all, the word instant is in the name.

Verification exists to help Instagram users find what they are looking for. It eliminates having to wade through hundreds of accounts, looking for a reliable expert, personality, or brand.

Insta does not pay verified people but it does appreciate them. That’s why the verification process exists in the first place. The verification program is mutually beneficial for both Instagram and users.

Is Instagram verification the same thing as Facebook verification?

Even though Facebook and Instagram are both owned by the same parent company, Meta, they are different entities. This means that you will need to apply separately if you want both of your accounts to be verified.

Unfortunately, you have to go through a similar process for each account. However, after you complete one, it will be easier to complete the other.

Any person or business that has both an Instagram and a Facebook page should be verified on both platforms. This will then create a more streamlined image for you and allow for cross-platform links.

Can I change my username after I am verified?

This is an often overlooked part of the Instagram verification process but you cannot change your username or handle after you are certified.

Please make sure that the name, brand, or company on your account is accurate and what you want. If not, you will need to create a brand-new account, which means losing all your loyal followers.

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