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How does the process of buying 500 Instagram followers go and what happens?

Have you ever felt the frustration of realizing a celebrity’s toddler or pet somehow has more Instagram followers than you? The fact is that Insta prioritizes content from the most popular people, making it hard to actually grow a following now, but it can help to buy 500 Instagram followers. This is a fast process that results in you getting real, authentic users following you—never bots or fake accounts. Plus it’s available to everyone—not just people who have rich and famous parents.

Why is it worth the effort to buy 500 real instagram followers?

500 is a good amount to help get your account going. With this increase, IG’s algorithms will notice that you’re becoming popular, and more of your followers will actually see your pictures pop up in their feeds. When that happens, you’ll get more engagement and more organic growth in your social audience as well. This presents a snowball effect where a bump can lead to more and more growth over time. Plus it’s reasonably priced, so you can buy the package again anytime you need quick results.

This is great if you use Insta for fun, but even better if you use it for business. Many people find a boost in their online audience to be helpful with their work:

Authors, bloggers, writers, and journalists

Artists and entertainers, like singers, musicians, bands, actors, comedians, etc.

Businesspeople—owners, coaches, marketers, PR people, etc.

Influencers or anyone hoping to build an audience as an influencer

How can you find the best site for buying 500 instagram followers?

Just go straight to Different than our competitors, we stand out by only providing real, legit users for your paid audience. You don’t have to worry about all the problems bot or fake accounts can cause you. We also have a very secure payment portal and friendly, helpful support staff.

How much is the cost to get 500 active Instagram followers?

The average price—which varies with market conditions— to get 500 genuine, engaged fans for IG is around £8.99. This is a cheap price for high quality results. Don’t worry, you can buy from anywhere—the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, Germany, etc. If you don’t normally use pounds we can convert your payment denomination for you at checkout.

What is the best advice on how to buy 500 followers on instagram?

It will only take a few minutes to get more IG followers for your profile. Simply go to and select the option for Instagram, then choose the amount of 500. Next you need to copy and paste the link to your profile so users can find you. After that, you’ll pay for your order by Google/Apple Pay, or by credit card—VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. Upon receiving payment, we’ll send you an email confirmation with an approximate time for completion of delivery.

How safe is it to get targeted fans this way?

With, it’s very safe to purchase a bigger audience for your account. Our paid fans all are reliable, active users on the site. Insta is not concerned with people buying followers, but they will do anything to get rid of bots—even punish people who just happen to have a lot of fake followers. Whether they realize it or not, many people accidentally buy these bot or fake followers when they go to less reputable sites. If you’ve heard of Insta banning someone for purchasing fans, that’s likely what happened. Fortunately you can gain fans for Instagram without losing your account or reputation, because SocialsGrow only has real users.


How soon can I get new fans?

We have really fast service. Usually you start seeing your numbers go up within 10 minutes of getting confirmation, and your order should complete in 1-2 days. Although you get instant growth, your numbers will go up over several hours to make your increase look more natural.

What if this boost disappears after a few days?

We have 30-day unfollow protection so this won’t be a problem. If any of your instant followers go away in that time frame, just write to, and we’ll fix it for you with new fans.

Do I need to give you my password?

No, remember this is never necessary when you follow someone on IG. Never give out your password.

So could that be why I just got a bunch of new followers?

It’s possible someone noticed your account and thought you could use more fans, yes. If you run a business and have hired someone to do marketing/PR work, they may also have done this to help your social standing.

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