How to See Who’s Blocked You on Instagram? The Main Ways to Find Out

Dan Meaney

Updated May 10, 2024

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📝 Reasons You Might Be Blocked On Instagram

Social media is an open place to share pictures, funny images, and stories. It is also a place to discuss ideas and learn more about other people. However, there may be times when somebody crosses a line, whether it is real or merely perceived.
When this is the case, there is an option to block a person. When a person is blocked on Instagram, it means that that person no longer has access to another person’s account. They can’t view posts or comment on them.
There are many reasons why you may be blocked on Instagram. Here are a few of the main ones.

Disagreements With People

While it is hoped that social media can bring people together, all too often this is not the case. Sometimes, differences are just too wide to bridge the gap.
The person you follow on Instagram may decide that they do not want to hear your different opinions. If they are looking for a nice, calm place to promote their brand or share their pictures, then they might block somebody who is disruptive.
Interestingly, Instagram is currently changing the purpose of the app. While you can still post and comment based on your views, the website will no longer promote political content. So, your Instagram feed might look a little less divisive in the near future.

Offensive Language or Behavior

While it is okay to engage in debate on Instagram, it is never okay to be rude, mean, or offensive. These are some major red flags and prime reasons for being blocked.
Every person on Instagram has the right to decide who can or can’t follow them. If somebody continually makes offensive comments, then they will most likely be blocked.

Personal Reasons

Finally, sometimes the reason someone is blocked from an Instagram account is for purely personal reasons and has nothing to do with the content that is shared or commented on.
If people go through breakups or feel betrayed by their friends, they might want to initiate a total end in communication. Thus, people can be blocked on Instagram and other social media platforms.

📌 Signs That You Are Blocked

If you are used to seeing certain people appear on your news feed but no longer have this access, you may naturally wonder, have I been blocked on Instagram? There are a few easy signs to spot to see if this is the case.

Some Content is Missing

When you log on to your Instagram, is there some content you can no longer see? When a person blocks you, you may not have access to some pages or information.
This can include comments you have made, photos of the person, and even the ability to write direct messages to them.

Comments and Likes Have Disappeared

Once you are on a block list, previous comments or likes you have made to that account will be deleted. Basically, it is like your account has never interacted with this other account.

❓ How To Check if Your Instagram is Blocked

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If you are wondering just how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram, there are a few simple steps you can take. Start with these ideas to see who blocked you.

If you suspect a person has blocked you on Instagram, then you can do a quick search for their name. Then, you will see if they still follow you and if you still follow them.
Whether you are on the Instagram app or on your desktop, look for the search icon or search bar. Then, type in the Instagram handle of the person you suspect. Whether you are blocked or not, the search results should be a list of user’s profiles. Tap or click on the profile picture of the person you are searching for. On that person’s profile page, you will find more information.
This only works if you already know who may have blocked you. If you only suspect you have been blocked by somebody, but aren’t able to narrow it down, then you may need to conduct a longer search.

Ask Friends To Help

If the person who you suspect has blocked you is part of a wider social network, enlist the help of your friends. Ask them to search for similar content to see if they have access or if they, too have been blocked. Blocking often occurs in a pattern. So, if you have been blocked, other people similar to you may have been blocked, as well.

Create a Second Account

If you are all alone in this predicament, you can think about creating a second account. You can have multiple Instagram accounts through one email. In fact, many people are already set up this way if they have a business or want to have personal and private Instagram accounts.
With this other account, see what access you have with the supposed blocked person. Can you see the same content as your original account? Or, do you have more access?
Just note that some people are very private when it comes to Instagram and they might not accept your follower request if they don’t know you. If this is the case, then having a second account won’t work.
If the Instagram account belongs to a public figure, brand, or company, however, then you should be able to follow them with no problem.

❕ Steps To Take If Someone Has Blocked You On Instagram
steps if you're blocked

Being blocked on Instagram is not the end of the world. However, it may lead to questions, mainly, what did you do wrong or what was perceived as wrong?
Once you know for sure that you have been blocked, here are some next steps you can take.

Connect outside of Instagram

First, if the person who blocked you is a friend or acquaintance of you, try to connect in person. Social media is a tricky thing and sometimes we perceive wrong actions when really they are just misunderstandings.
When we talk to people face to face, we get to see everything that they are trying to say. Facial cues and body language create the whole picture and these are sadly lacking with social media. You may have been trying to be funny or satirical in a post but the person reading it might not have understood.
When looking to connect with somebody, keep it casual. Ask to meet up for a coffee or go for a walk. The aim should be to understand their actions and not to be defensive. This is a learning moment, so take advantage of it.

Learn From The Experience

As mentioned, is there a lesson you can learn from this whole experience? No, it’s not nice to be blocked on Instagram, especially if it is from somebody whom you consider a friend. But maybe if you can understand the lesson behind everything, then it will all make sense.
Sometimes people want advice and sometimes they don’t. Did you voice your opinion without it being wanted? What about your language? What is rude, offensive, or just too negative? It’s important to take a step back from the situation and try to think pragmatically about it.
While this process is definitely helpful if the person who blocked you talks to you, you may need to add some personal introspection. You can also share the experience with friends to get third-party advice.

Respect the Privacy of Other People

In the end, you can’t please everyone. And while you may want to be friends with the entire world, it’s important to accept that sometimes not everyone wants to be friends with you. And that’s okay. Just remember that there are over one billion Instagram users around the world. Perhaps that will help put everything into perspective.
If you are blocked, either by a person or a company, be the better person and simply walk away. If the person doesn’t want to talk to you, don’t escalate the situation by badgering them. Instead, try to accept the situation. It might not be easy but it is an important final step.

🆘 If Someone Blocked Me on Instagram How Can I Unblock Myself?

The short answer to this is no, you cannot unblock yourself. While you may think it is unfair that somebody has deleted you from their Instagram, this is an important safety feature for all Instagram users.
You can certainly appeal to the person, especially if you are friends in real life, but at the end of the day, only the person who owns the Instagram account can choose to unblock you.

✅ Conclusion

Your Instagram account exists to build community and stay in touch with the people and brands that matter most to you. But what happens if you can’t find the page or profile of a person you follow? Unfortunately, this can mean that you have been blocked. Blocking a person on Instagram can happen for a number of reasons. And, while you can take some steps to reconnect with that individual or business, ultimately, it’s important to accept what has happened, learn from the experience, and move on.

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