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Updated May 10, 2024

Viewed Your TikTok

It’s not a secret that TikTok has been one of the most popular apps in recent years. In 2023, it was the second most downloaded app, topped only by Instagram. Users either spend their time browsing through numerous TikTok videos throughout the day or post videos themselves, aiming to get more TikTok video views and likes.
As the popularity of video content on the TikTok app grew, so did interest in TikTok profile views. Users are now interested in seeing how many views their TikTok account has and also who are the other users checking their profiles.
This is not just for pure curiosity because seeing who viewed your profile can also inform you about your followers. But can you see who viewed your TikTok? This article will tell you everything you need to know on the matter.

❓ How TikTok Handles Profile Views

Since content creators are so curious about the view history feature of their profiles, the TikTok team created this option. Now, if you want to find out who your profile viewers are, you can just enable the TikTok Profile View History feature.
This feature allows you to see your view history for up to 30 days. But that’s not all: turning on the feature lets others know when you visited their profiles.
After you check the profile view history feature, you can turn it off later if you’re no longer interested in it. Still, remember that this means you can’t see your TikTok profile page viewers anymore.

🔦 Checking Your TikTok Content Viewers

You can see who tapped on your profile icon to check your account, but here’s another thing users are wondering: “Can people see that I viewed their TikTok videos?”
Unfortunately, creators are unable to see the users who viewed their videos – at least not unless you follow each other with the post view history turned on for both of you. TikTok offers a post view history feature for videos. If turned on, it lets your following see you’ve visited accounts. At the same time, you will find out the followers who checked your TikTok content.
The view history is available just for one week since you posted the content, though. So, it is possible to verify the post views’ details, but only if you and your followers have this option activated.

The Official Policy Released by TikTok

TikTok’s policy states that the platform offers different insights and statistics to let individual users and businesses know how people interact with the app. Everyone who creates content on TikTok can get more information about the number of likes, views, and comments of their videos, as well as shares.
Furthermore, users and advertisers have the opportunity to check demographic details about individuals who check their TikTok videos.

Privacy Policy Alterations

In 2023, TikTok was hit with a $368 million fine due to not protecting children’s privacy. Apparently, these violations dated all the way to 2020.
It turns out that when minors registered on TikTok, the sign-up process instantly made their accounts public. So, anyone was able to view their profiles and videos and leave comments, which could be very risky. Not only that, but the family pairing feature allowed parents to turn on direct messages for teenagers aged 16 and 17 without any consent.
However, TikTok made changes to its privacy policy, making every account for 16-year-old teenagers immediately private and disabling direct messages for children between 13 to 15 years of age.

🔎 How Do You Verify Who Viewed Your TikTok Videos?

Who viewed videos?So, how do you see the people viewing your TikTok videos? Checking who saw your video content on the large platform can be very beneficial when you are starting out. It can ensure that you are reaching the right users with your content and may even tell you what things you should improve on your profile page.
To be able to verify your TikTok viewers, you should start by enabling post views. Check the privacy settings icon for this.
Here are the steps you must follow:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Select Profile in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on the three lines you see in the top right corner.
  4. Access the Settings and Privacy section. You will find it right at the bottom of your popup menu.
  5. Select Privacy, and then tap Post Views.
  6. There, you can see a toggle option you can use to enable the Post View History feature. To see who viewed your TikTok videos, turn that toggle on.

Your video views will then become visible to you. Simply access the video you want to check, and it will show the number of views. But keep in mind that when this feature is turned on, it will only work with people you already follow who also follow you back.

How to Check Your Analytics

Once you find out the response to “Does TikTok show who viewed your profile and your videos?”, you will want to use this to your advantage, especially if you’re just getting started on TikTok. It can ensure that you bring the right people to you and find ways to improve your content strategy.
But did you know it’s easier to measure your performance and boost your content creation and sharing techniques if you check TikTok analytics? This will tell you more about what videos your audience likes the most, when the best time to post on TikTok is, and how fast you gain new followers.
Here’s how you can access your analytics section:

  1. Go to your TikTok profile.
  2. Tap on the three lines in the top right corner.
  3. Go to Creator Tools.
  4. Tap on Analytics.

Opportunities and Things to Be Aware Of

Although you can certainly see who viewed your TikTok videos if you turn on Post View History, there are a few restrictions to be aware of.
For instance, you can only see views from TikTok users who follow you back. In other words, you must both follow each other if you want the feature to work. Besides this, you must both have the option enabled.
The same thing applies to the TikTok account. The footprints icon on your page reveals the number of users who visited your profile, allowing you to see the accounts that did it as well. Once again, this only works if you and the viewers themselves enable profile view history. Moreover, this will show other TikTok users whose profiles you viewed.
You have a few choices if you want to restrict certain people from viewing your profile or your videos. One would be keeping said videos private, where only you can access them.
However, if you want followers to find it but don’t want specific users to have access to your content, the best course of action is to switch to a private account. This way, only your followers will be able to see what you post.

📌 Other Methods You Can Use to See Your Audience

So, how do TikTok profile views and your video views work? If you want to improve your content strategy, knowing who sees your content helps tremendously.
If TikTok’s tools and features are not enough for you on your personal account, there are a few things you can try in order to see more and create better strategies. Let’s take a look at a few alternative options that tell you more about your audience.

TikTok Business Account Analytics

TikTok’s analytics tool for business accounts is much better than the one you get on your personal account. If you want to promote your small business through video content, then using the analytics section lets you make proper adjustments.
With TikTok’s business account analytics, you will be able to track things such as:

  • Content performance
  • Account growth
  • LIVE engagement
  • Demographics

Third-Party Apps

If you’re asking, “Can TikTok see who viewed your profile?” and find out about the view history setting, you may not be a fan of how it requires others to know you’ve also checked their pages.
The good news is that you’re not limited to TikTok to see your profile and video views. Some third-party apps and services give you access to this information as well – you just need to look for them.
Bear in mind that not all of these applications are accurate or trustworthy, so you must spend your time doing a lot of research before you can use them to improve your content-sharing techniques.

📈 Best Methods to Help Increase Engagement on the TikTok App

Increase EngagementDo you want to boost your TikTok engagement? Say no more – a few simple tricks can help you get there. Check these two things that can increase your engagement:

Creating More Interesting TikTok Videos

The most obvious aspect you can improve on is your TikTok content. People want to see interesting, unique videos that either make them laugh, impress them, or make them want to interact.
To create good content, you must first determine your niche and produce related videos, but also come up with fresh ideas. On top of that, you must edit your videos accordingly. The platform has a plethora of amazing effects you can choose from, so don’t worry about it.
When you create good content, people will be more likely to like and share it, which in return brings more followers your way.

Collaborating with the Audience

Interacting with your audience is another sure way to boost your engagement. Users like to see that creators interact with them – as a result, they’ll be happy to see you responding to their comments. What’s even better is that other TikTok users will know that you do not ignore your supporters and will likely become fans, too – so, your engagement will get a boost.

✔️ Final Thoughts

You may have come here wondering, “Can someone see if you viewed their TikTok profile and videos?” Well, you have your complete and detailed answer. If you make sure to enable the view history option, it’s possible to see who watched your videos and saw your profile, but it will only work in certain situations. All in all, using this tool lets you improve your content strategy so your account becomes successful on TikTok.

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